About Us

NFR was born out of people coming together.

Some of our leaders were always in construction, while others bring unique business experience from outside the industry. 

NFR is primed and ready

Combined, we bring over 100 years worth of project management, technology, construction, installation and business experience that makes us unique and our teams successful. Let us showcase the difference in our industry-leading epoxy and polished concrete flooring solutions we install all across Canada. 

National Floor Resins is proud to be certified by the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC).


Why should you choose a CAMSC-certified flooring company?

Quality and Expertise

  • CAMSC certification signifies excellence in the field. Clients can trust that our flooring solutions your meet high standards. Whether it’s commercial spaces, residential projects, or community developments, our expertise shines through. Our certification demonstrates a successful track record. Be confident knowing you are working with a reliable partner who consistently delivers quality results.
  • We provide innovative solutions. Diverse perspectives lead to creative problem-solving. We have the approach and expertise needed to address complex flooring challenges effectively.
  • NFR is a coast to coast provider of flooring systems and solutions. Our ability to provide quality services across all of Canada speaks to our versatility and proficiency.


Diversity and Inclusion

  • When you choose our company, you are contributing to a more equitable business environment. CAMSC certification is awarded to businesses that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by visible minorities or Aboriginal people. We are proud to be indigenous owned and operated. When you work with us you are contributing to a more equitable business landscape.
  • Our company’s diverse ownership brings cultural insights and sensitivity to the table. We are affiliated with First Nations communities. As a client, you benefit from a broader perspective, innovative solutions, and a deeper understanding of community needs.
  • As part of CAMSC, we prioritize supplier diversity as part of our corporate social responsibility. By choosing us you are aligning with these goals and committing to inclusivity.

By choosing NFR, you are choosing quality, trust, and a commitment to progress.

Together we are building stronger communities while fostering economic growth.

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